Workshop 2020


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Friday 15 May:

.10:00 – 18:00: Demonstration of taoist practices by UHT instructors.
19:00 – 21:00: Mantak Chia conference: “Better digestion, absorption and elimination: Taoist practices to have more energy

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 May (Mantak Chia):
10:00 – 17:30: Basic Taoist practices (“Awakening the healing light of Tao”: Chi Kung, inner smile, 6 healing sounds, microcosmic orbit).

Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 May (Mantak Chia):
10:00 – 17:30: Taoist sexual alchemy (“Energy of Love that heals”)

Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 May (Mantak Chia):
10: 00-17: 30: Chi Kung for the digestive system and eye sight


Price of the workshops:

(21% VAT included)

Friday 15: Demonstration of taoist practices by UHT Certified Instructors 5 €
Friday 15: Conference by Master Mantak Chia 15 €
Saturday 16 and Sunday 17: Bases of the Tao 279 €
Monday 18 and Tuesday 19: Taoist sexual alchemy 279 €
Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21: Chi Kung for the digestive system and the eyesight 279 €
REGISTRATION TO ALL THE WORKSHOPS (Friday 3 to Thursday 9) 749 €
(instead of 862€)

NOTE: for people that participated in the workshops in 2018 or 2019 there will be a discount available. Please contact us to ask for information. 



In the workshops of Master Mantak Chia in Madrid, the main basic Taoist practices will be learned, including the inner smile, the 6 healing sounds and the Microcosmic Orbit, the techniques of Chi Kung Iron Shirt and Healing Love (Taoist sexual alchemy). This year, for the first time, Mantak Chia will offer a workshop for the health of the digestive system and the eye sight.

NOTE: In the Healing Love workshop, Master Mantak Chia will explain the Taoist techniques of working with sexual energy for the improvement of health. The participants will remain at all times with their clothes on and work will be carried out on an energetic and individual level (the work known by the Taoists as “single cultivation”) without interaction or contact between the participants. Since an advanced work with energy is carried out in this workshop, it is advisable (although not mandatory) to have previously participated in a Basic Tao workshop, in which the inner smile, the 6 healing sounds and the microcosmic orbit are learned and worked.

UHT workshop


Workshop attendees will receive a Diploma of assistance from the Universal Healing Tao System, signed by Master Mantak Chia. Likewise, the hours of training will count towards meeting the requirements for the Certification as Instructors of the Universal Healing Tao System.


The workshops will take place at the VP Jardin Metropolitano Hotel, located very close to the Cuatro Caminos Metro (Lines 1, 2 and 6 of the Metro).
For participants who want to stay at the hotel, they can book on the hotel’s website (www.metropolitano-hotel.com), with a discount, using the code VPMEETINGS
(For more information about transportation, accommodation, etc. in Madrid, please visit this page).


Mantak Chia will give the training in English, and an instructor will do consecutive translation to Spanish.

As for the demonstrations on Friday as well as from Saturday to Thursday in the morning before the seminars of Mantak Chia begin and in the evening after Mantak Chia finishes, the Spanish instructors will teach in Spanish and the instructors coming from abroad will do it either in English or Spanish.

 Registration and cancellation policy:  

To book your place you need to pay the deposit. This deposit can be reimbursed (minus the administration fee) only for cancelations done before the 15th of February.

The deposit for the first 20 tickets (super early bird tickets) cannot be reimbursed.


NOTE: The workshops have limited seatings. Once all the tickets have been sold it will note be possible to accept more participants.