Tao Garden Thailand





 The Tao Garden is a Spa and Resort in the north of Thailand, created by Mantak Chia as a place to learn and practice the Universal Healing Tao System.
Mantak Chia teaches there during 2 retreats each year, in winter and summer, in which he prepares the future instructors and he also teaches Healing Love, Chi Kung Tai Chi, Fusion of the 5 elements, and other advanced taoist alchemy techniques.
During the year, there are also several courses, guided by UHT instructors. For example Healing Tao for women and Healing Tao for men.


¿How to get to Tao Garden?

It is in a 30 minutes taxi drive distance from Chiang  Mai (the “capital of the north” of Thailand). The best way to get there is by flying directly to Chiang Mai or with a stop-over in Bangkok.

Citizens of most of EU member states can go to Thailand for tourism without the need of a VISA, for a period of up to 30 days,  but they need to show that they have a return flight ticket and a passport valid for al least 6 months.


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